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Daniel McDaniel had a second marriage to Holland Guthrie Aug. 1839. He appears as head of house hold in 1840 Onslow Census. Holland (Guthrie) McDaniel, is listed as head of house hold in the 1850 US Federal Census, Stump Sound, Onslow County, North Carolina. They had one son together Isaac born in 1841. Daniel died after 1841 and before 1850.

This 1850 US Federal Census list Holland (Hollan sp.) (Guthrie) McDaniel as head of household, age 50, b. 1800, and family number 371 on page 112, living in Stump Sound, Onslow County, NC. Census was taken August 28, 1850. She is listed in column 12 as a female over 20 who cannot read or write.

Daniel McDaniel is listed as head of household in the 1840 Onslow County, NC Census but does not appear in this 1850 Census. He married Holland August 1839 and their son Isaac was born in 1841 so he probably died after 1841 and before 1850.

Daniel and Holland's son Isaac McDaniel is listed as age 9, b. 1841

Holland's son William J. Guthrie from a previous marriage is listed age 19 and a farmer.

Edward Archibald (E. A.) & Rose (R. E.) McDaniel 1850 US Federal Census, Lower Richlands, Onslow County, North Carolina

This is the first time Edward and Rose McDaniel appear together in any census with Edward as head of household. Edward is listed as E. A. and Rose is listed as R. E. McDaniel both age 27

They are listed on as family number 853 on page 147, living in Lower Richlands, Onslow County, NC. Census taken September 25, 1850. And Edward occupation is listed as what looks like Mechanic. Rose is listed in column 12 as a person over 20 who cannot read and write.

Census shows they have two children: Mary Elizabeth age 1, b. Nov. 9, 1848 and Lucinda as age 4/12, b. June 4, 1850 both born in Onslow County, NC.
Also listed as living with the family is Rilly Padgett, female, age 22.

Edward McDaniel & Roselender Barber marriage license, February 7, 1848, Onslow County, North Carolina.

Edward McDaniel & Roselender Barber marriage license, February 7, 1848, Onslow County, North Carolina. NC Archives record nr. 072 01 060, witnesses Jasper Etheridge & Henry Jarman, bond nr. 000093606. Marriage license ordered from the Dept. of Cultural Resources, Archives and Records Section in Raleigh, NC.

The license has some damage but thankfully we have it. Unfortunately their is a section of paper missing in Rose's name and she is listed in the NC marriage collection, 1741-2004 as Roselend Arber. From the license it appears she spells her name as one word Roselender. I have done a little research and have found her named spelled at least 8 different ways in various deeds and paperwork. Roselend, Roselender, Rose Ellender, Rosellender, Lender, Linda, Roselind, and Rosella. And Edward has been referred to as: Archie, Ned, Grandpa Mac.

Rose's parents were: Micah Elijah Barber, b. December 15, 1793, d. April 2, 1854 and Elizabeth Brinson, b. January 30, 1793, d. September 28, 1877, m. 1818.

Rose's grandparents: Joseph Barber, b. 1769 & Serena, m. 1791
                               Hilary Brinson & Elizabeth Barfield 

Rose's Ggrandparents: Thomas D. Barber & Elizabeth

Rose's GGgrandparents: Richard Barber & Hannah Sanderson

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Grandchildren of William Lafayette McDonald & Marcia "Carrie" (McIntyre) McDonald, Family Reunion August 1986

Family Reunion August 1986

After their names you will see their fathers name in parentheses.

Front kneeling: Sadie McDonald (Lee), Marie McDonald (Lee), Clara Downing (Hazel)
Standing: Herbert McDonald (Roy), Anna Lea McDonald (Lee), Elmer McDonald (Raymond), Fred Downing (Hazel), Dora Dugger (Laura), Florence Downing (Hazel), Alvin McGlon (Florence), Miles McDonald (Lurcia), Murray McDonald, Jr., (Murray), Clark McDonald (Roy), James McDonald (Lee). 

Photo courtesy of Alvin (Al) Roy McDonald. 
Al's parents were: Herbert Gordon McDonald, Sr., b. July 21, 1914 in Port Orange, FL, d. Jan. 24, 1995 in Blue Ridge, GA & Nancy A. Cressey, b. June 5, 1917, Montreal, Canada, married: December 30, 1933.

Al's Grandparents were: Roy Lafayette McDonald, b. July 7, 1883 in Port Orange, FL, d. July 11, 1960 in Port Orange, FL & Mammie Yelvington, b. March 14, 1884 in DeLeon Springs, FL, d. Nov. 7, 1978 in Port Orange, FL, married: Jan. 12, 1910.

Al's GGrandparents were: William Lafayette McDonald, b. June 29, 1853, New River, Onslow, NC; d. August 27, 1932, Port Orange, FL and Marcia Malicia (Callie) McIntyre, b. March 11, 1858 in Indiana, and d. Sept.1, 1914 in Port Orange, FL. married April 01, 1873 in Enterprise, Seminole, FL.

Al's GGGrandparents were: Edward Archibald McDonald, b. September 20, 1823 in New River, Onslow, NC, and d. May 18, 1901 in Port Orange, Volusia, FL & Roselend Barber, b. April 06, 1823 in Dukeland, Onslow, NC, and d. January 07, 1902 in Port Orange, Volusia, FL. married: February 07, 1848 in Dukeland, Onslow, NC.

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Over 110 descendants of Edward and Rose McDaniel gathered for the November 13, 1955 McDonald Reunion held at the old Halifax River Pavilion in Port Orange, FL.

Descendants of Edward and Rose McDonald
This is the photo from the November 13, 1955 McDonald Family Reunion. Held at the Halifax River Pavilion next to Jack Osteen's old home. There are over 110 family members in the photo. Photo taken at the old shuffleboard courts.

Photo courtesy of Kathy Bittle, Oak Hill, FL, she is descended from Elijah Franklin McDonald, b. March 27, 1865, Port Orange, Volusia, FL; d. September 19, 1929, Port Orange, Volusia, FL. Elijah's daughter Rose married Eugene Robinson, they are seated on the far left side of photo.

My Grandmother Hattie H. (Lastinger) Johnson & my Aunt Lillie Irene (Johnson) Stevens are seated in the second row center of photo of over 110 family members.

Lots of this information on McDonald's and Robinson's is from a locally produced binder book by Mary A. Dewees, “History and Memories of Oak Hill, Florida, in 1984 and the Oak Hill, Florida website. Lots of great local history. 

If you see anyone not identified or incorrect please let me know and I'll correct.

I divided the photo in half so I could get the names and faces larger. 
Please let me know if you recognize anyone in photo that is not identified.

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It has generally been accepted that Edward’s father’s name was Daniel.

According to the census records, Edward gave his father’s birthplace as NC. I received this information from a McDonald cousin about Daniel. Daniel and wife first show up in the 1810 Onslow County Census with no kids so they were probably newly married and it looks like he was the only Daniel McDaniel living in Onslow County for the whole period 1810-1840 and Edward one of his sons became the guardian of Daniel’s son Isaac (posted a bond of $30) for a short time in 1849. In future posts I'll add the Onslow County Census records I have found on and plot the path Edward and Rose (Barber) McDaniel took when they moved their growing family from North Carolina to Florida.

I did find a reference to where the location of Daniel McDaniels farm was located. In a January 12, 1831 posting and listed in Volume 8 Tucker Littleton Notes it lists an unfortunate event about George Jenkins daughter Polly.

"At a place at mouth of New River & Fullwoods Creek (now called Fullard Creek), near Daniel McDaniels farm, a girl named Polly Jenkins, daughter of George Jenkins (who was at the time absent from home) was burned so bad as to die 4 hours after the accident.  She was in cotton clothes & was picking up lightwood not far from the house & took fire from trash burning in the yard. She was so shocked, she didn’t yell or scream, though her mother was a short distance away — She was not alarmed until she discovered her consumed in flames & disfigured." NC Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868

Daniel McDaniel & Holland Guthrie marriage license, August 5, 1839

Here is a copy of Daniel McDaniel and Holland Guthrie marriage license, August 5, 1839 in Onslow County, NC. Ordered from the Dept. of Cultural Resources, Archives and Records Section in Raleigh, NC. 
Daniel McDaniel married to Holland Guthrie, August 5, 1839, Onslow County, NC, Record Nr. 072 01 059, bond nr. 000093597, bonds man W. King, witness Jasper Etheridge. NC Marriage Collection, 1741-2004