Saturday, September 1, 2012

It has generally been accepted that Edward’s father’s name was Daniel.

According to the census records, Edward gave his father’s birthplace as NC. I received this information from a McDonald cousin about Daniel. Daniel and wife first show up in the 1810 Onslow County Census with no kids so they were probably newly married and it looks like he was the only Daniel McDaniel living in Onslow County for the whole period 1810-1840 and Edward one of his sons became the guardian of Daniel’s son Isaac (posted a bond of $30) for a short time in 1849. In future posts I'll add the Onslow County Census records I have found on and plot the path Edward and Rose (Barber) McDaniel took when they moved their growing family from North Carolina to Florida.

I did find a reference to where the location of Daniel McDaniels farm was located. In a January 12, 1831 posting and listed in Volume 8 Tucker Littleton Notes it lists an unfortunate event about George Jenkins daughter Polly.

"At a place at mouth of New River & Fullwoods Creek (now called Fullard Creek), near Daniel McDaniels farm, a girl named Polly Jenkins, daughter of George Jenkins (who was at the time absent from home) was burned so bad as to die 4 hours after the accident.  She was in cotton clothes & was picking up lightwood not far from the house & took fire from trash burning in the yard. She was so shocked, she didn’t yell or scream, though her mother was a short distance away — She was not alarmed until she discovered her consumed in flames & disfigured."

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